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Our retractable Budget roof has the same model as the Base 1 model. Because of its restricted dimensions, the roof is especially designed for installations at home locations. The roof is equipped with the same weatherproof fabric and high quality powder coating as our other models. The roof is automatically operated by remote control. It is wall mounted on one side and only available with traditional straight rafters as displayed in the drawings and picture’s.

Underneath a table with the differences between the Base 1 model and our Budget model explained.

  Budget awning Base 1  
    Custom dimensions v v  
    Maximum projection 5,0 meter 8,0 meter  
    maximum width per module 3,5 meter 4,0 meter  
    Maximum total width  14 meter unlimited  
    Fabric options 3 colours 10 colours  
    100% blackout v v  
    Waterproof and mold repellent v v  
    Tensile strength 250 daN/5cm v v  
    Tear strength 52 daN v v  
    Weight 850 gr/m2 v v  
    RAL colour coating at choice o v  
    Standard RAL Colour  9001 & 7016 -  
    Durable powder coating v v  
    End covers rafters powder coated o v  
    End covers fabric profiles powder coated o v  
    Fixed protection cover o v  
    Gutter with integrated drains v v  
    Integrated LED-lighting o o  
    Installation difficulty (scale 1-5) 2+ 4+  
    Upgrade to enclosed conservatory o o  
    v - standard,   o - optional  


Prices underneath are consumer prices including 21% VAT. The model Budget is a retractable roof with competitive pricing compared to fixed polycarbonate roof systems. With our Budget model we offer the same quality roof system as our other models but at a discounted price up-to 50%.


  •   Pricing

    All prices displayed are consumer prices including 21% VAT. Your price is easily determined by the use of the table when the width and projection of the roof are known.

    At Bo, our prices are based on delivery at your home address. For delivery outside of the Netherlands and on the Wadden Islands, a surcharge will be added. All prices are excluding foundation requirements, installation and led lighting. All our retractable roofs are delivered with an extensive installation manual. Foundation works and installation can also be taken care of by Bo. We would happily provide you with a quotation including installation and foundation.


  •   Lighting

    At Beweegbareoverkappingen.nl, all retractable roofs can be manufactured with led lights. The Budget model can be equipped with integrated led-lights in the fabric profiles. These are optional and can be added in amount and position at your preference. Please state this option at your quotation request.

  •   Colours

    At the Budget model, all steel an aluminium construction parts receive a standard powder coating in RAL 7016 or RAL 9001. All other colours coatings and combinations are optionally available at a surcharge. The powder coating will guarantee a high durability and protection for the construction parts of the roofs.

  •   Fabric

    The Budget model is available with 3 different fabrics. Grey, white and crème coloured. The fabrics are full black-out and have a surface pattern on the underside. The fabrics are of a high quality with an extraordinary tensile strength. Our fabrics offer maximum protection against sun and UV. Because of the blackout characteristics of the fabrics, dirt or green algae cannot be seen from the underside. Our fabrics are 100% waterproof and, because of the special topside coating, mould- and dirt repellent. More details on our fabrics can be found at the page “quality”. Other colours are optionally available at a surcharge.

  •   Custom

    Bo delivers a range of standardised highly durable retractable roofing systems made by Sunblime directly from the factory.

    In consultation with Sunblime, we can deliver highly customised systems for homes and professional usage. If your size, colour or fabric is not available on our website, please contact us. We are often able to customize the systems to an extend that they meet your expectations. We are also able to fit our retractable roofs in existing constructions, roofs or other structures.



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