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Quality & specifications


The fabrics used for our retractable awnings are fully blackout fabrics. These are extremely durable and of the highest quality used. The fabric exists of 5 layers  with a combined weight of 850 gr/m2.

Colours on textile age through UV-radiation, moisture and temperature. How quickly this takes place is measured in a lightfastness scale according to ISO 105-B02.  Our Blackout fabrics have a rating of 6 on the lightfastness scale.

With a tensile strength of 250 daN/5cm and tear strength of 52 daN our fabrics belong to the strongest textiles used in the industry. Our retractable awnings are structurally tested to withstand wind force 11. Your terrace and furniture will be protected all year round with a retractable awning by Bo. 

No rights can be derived on photos and colours displayed on this website. These are for indicative purposes only. Actual colours can differ from the displayed pictures.


Colours & coating

Ordering at Bo, means ordering directly at the factory. This is why we are able to offer full freedom in frame colours without additional costs. All RAL colours are available. You can choose to match the colour of the awning to your window frames, shutters or other painted parts in the vicinity of the awning. All frame parts are powder coated in the factory with a minimum thickness of 50-70 µm. This will guarantee a highly durable satin finish of all aluminium parts.




Our awnings exist of durable aluminium profiles in combination with the extremely strong fabric roof. The control is fully automatic and we only use highly reliable automation technologies. Because of the modular construction and usage of extreme rigid profiles, we can deliver retractable awnings offering protection in the most extreme snow conditions.

The rafters have the patented drive modules and belts integrated inside. These are well protected and therefor require minimum maintenance. At Beweegbareoverkappingen.nl we offer retractable awnings with a maximum projection up to 7,5 meter. Because of the extreme stiffness of our profiles and in-house manufacturing and engineering, we can offer custom awnings with projections up to 12 meter for the professional market.



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