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  • In style...

    We offer almost 20 different models retractable roofs in custom dimensions. T...

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  • Budget UK


    The retractable budget roof by Bo. Electrically powered and 50% cheaper than our Base model.
    Starting at € 2.400

    Lowest price guarantee
  • Base UK


    One side wall mounted and front side mounted on columns. With integrated gutter and drainage.
    Available in 3 models.

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  • Float UK


    Fully floating model only wall mounted on one side without the use of columns. Available in 4 models, supported or suspended.

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  • Zone UK


    Freestanding fully detached models. Supported by columns with integrated gutter and drainage. Available in 3 models.

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  • Wing UK


    Complete freedom in positioning. Mounted on centre columns. Available in 4 modules, supported or suspended.

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  • Nera UK


    Our latest freestanding models. Wooden structure with a integrated suspended retractable roof. Available in 2 modules.

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